Skin Cancer

It is the most common form of cancer in Australia. One in two Australians will develop some form of skin cancer during their lifetime. As Queenslanders, most of us have already had a lot of overexposure to sunlight and so our risk is quite high.
There are 3 types of skin cancer:
1.Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) 2.Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) 3.Melanoma.
99% of people with BCC and SCC skin cancers are cured. Early detection and treatment of all skin cancers greatly improves outcome.
Recognizing changes to your skin is essential, so when you have a:
• New spot that is different to other spots around it.
• Spot, mole or unusual freckle that has changed in size, shape or colour.
• Sore that doesn't heal.
• Skin spot that bleeds, is itchy, or that you are worried about.
Then you need to have your GP take a look at it.
Self checking your skin requires you to be naked in front of a mirror and will require a handheld mirror to check the areas that are harder to see (back, neck, ears, scalp etc). Even areas which have had minimal exposure to sunlight (genitals, between toes) need to be checked. If this isn't something you plan to do, then having a regular skin check with your Dr or specialist is a good idea. Some of you may already be requiring the removal of benign sunspots (solar keratoses) and are used to regular skin checks and treatment.
The message for us all is that prevention is always a good move so... Slip,Slop,Slap.


Cheryle Davies
Clergy Healthcare Coordinator

  • Created: 22 July 2010
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