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How is your life balance?

In today's mad world, where we rush from one frantic task to the next, we can lose all insight into what it's all about. Easter is the busiest time of the year for all clergy and those who happen to be involved in church life, so I thought it appropriate to share some of my insights I've acquired, along the sometimes rocky paths I've clambered in my work life.
It's hard to admit one can't cope with whatever is thrown one's way, until the stress of struggling to manage takes over, and our health begins to suffer.
• Have a "to do" list, and prioritize the tasks
• Manage your time, and ensure that you allocate your day off each week
• When you walk out of the office, leave your work there for the next day- believe me no one steals it! Particularly when you live in the Presbytery on site, there are no boundaries between work and home, so you have to create one. Let your mobile phone take a message, unless you're on call for the hospitals
• Work at being a better communicator- listen carefully, keep notes and communicate clearly so there will be fewer misunderstandings. It saves time and is more efficient, if we get it right the first time.
• Set aside time each day for an activity you enjoy, such as walking , listening to music, reading, yoga, meditation, exercise.
Work-Life Balance hinges on two things, achievement and enjoyment, like two sides of the coin, each necessary to balance the other, and vital ingredients to bring harmony into our lives.
Remember, work never ends, people do!

Lyn Fields - Clergy Healthcare Coordinator

  • Created: 22 July 2010
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