National Coordinator - Permanent Diaconate

Deacon Tony Aspinall

is the National Coordinator of the Permanent Diaconate in Australia and ex officio on the Australian Council for Clergy Life and Ministry.

Prior to my Ordination I was employed by The Shell Company of Australia for ten years based at 1 Spring St Melbourne. I was in charge of Security and Emergencies at Head Office and the homes of senior executives. I travelled to various company sites across Australia mostly conducting compliance audits or training.

Ordained Deacon for the Diocese of Sale 14th August 1998.

Married to June on 29/3/71. We have two children and nine grandchildren.

I hold a Bachelor of Theology from CTC Melbourne

I obtained CPE, both basic and advanced at the Alfred Hospital Melbourne. My ministry there was in the Trauma Ward and then the Psychiatric Hospital.

My first appointment was to Narre Warren Parish where I was involved in general Parish ministry and was part time Chaplain to the Berwick Villa Maria aged care facility and the Dandenong Hospital Psychiatric wards. I later became part time Chaplain to St Francis Xavier College Beaconsfield.

In 2003 I was transferred to Cranbourne Parish and to Full Time Chaplaincy at St Peter's College Cranbourne and Deacon of St Agatha's Parish.

I have served as a member of The Professional Standards Resources Group Victoria to which I was appointed by Bishop Peter Connors and served six years.

In January 2012 I was transferred to my present Parish which has five Mass Centres and 3 primary schools. For the last twelve months I have been Administrator of the Parishes in Partnership. I have retained my Chaplaincy at St Peter's College until now and this is currently under review.

I am a member of the Diocesan Clergy Life and Ministry Committee and I have served as a member of the ACCCLM. Whilst on the Council I worked with Fr Paul Cashen msc and

Deacon Paul Simmons to update the guidelines for the Diaconate in Australia.

In January this year I was appointed by the ACBC as National Coordinator of the Diaconate. This is indeed a challenge for me and I hope to be a constructive and productive member of the diaconal community during my appointment.

I feel strongly that there is a need for a clearer understanding of the possibilities of the Ministry of Deacon amongst the Clergy, including Deacons and aspirants, as well as amongst the Religious and laity. Openness and good will is always productive.

Rev Deacon Tony Aspinall
National Coordinator of the Permanent Diaconate

Role Description

National Coordinator - Permanent Diaconate

A part-time position appointed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC), accountable to the Conference through the Director Clergy Life and Ministry to the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry:
(a) to promote the permanent diaconate in Australia.
(b) to implement policies decided by the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry to support the formation and ongoing education of deacons in Australia
(c) to raise the profile of the permanent diaconate by communicating a national vision, yet at the same time focused on the individual needs of each diocese particularly in relation to the formation of aspirants and candidates for the diaconate.

(a) Liaise with Bishops and Diaconal Communities.
(b) Support Diocesan Directors of Diaconate, Aspirants, Candidates, Deacons, and, for married deacons, their families.
(c) Support the National Association of Deacons in order they may find encouragement, and convene national and regional meetings.
(d) Travel throughout Australia to hear what bishops and communities are saying in relation to the diaconate, and address their concerns.
(e) In promoting the diaconate to also discern suitable programs, activities and offer resources for the ongoing formation of deacons.

(a) Report on a regular basis to the Director Clergy Life and Ministry.
(b) Present a report to meetings of the Australian Council for Clergy Life and Ministry.
(c) Consult the Chairman - Australian Council Clergy Life and Ministry, and the Chairman - Bishops Commission for Church Ministry, where appropriate.

A review of performance to be conducted every three-year term, at least six months before its completion, by a process involving the Director Clergy Life and Ministry, Council Members, Diocesan Directors, Bishops and Deacons as appropriate.

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