John Reynolds OPraem - Perth

9 May 1932 - 12 August 2009

Fr John Reynolds OPraem, a Norbertine Father, was Priest in Residence at Queens Park/East Cannington, Perth. He died in Perth on 12th August. John was one of the three founding members of the Norbertine community in WA. John, a gentle and humble man, was born on May 9, 1932. He was ordained in 1957. He arrived in WA from Ireland in1958 and was sent to York in the country wheat belt. John had been Parish Priest of several wheat belt parishes including Quairading York and the city parish of Queens Park. John worked as a teacher and Liberian at St. Norbert’s College. He would be mostly remembered in the many parishes where he supplied for many years. John was a very quiet and often shy man, preferring to work behind the scenes.

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