Summaries of Published Papers

These papers have been published by the Commission with the help of small representative national consultations.

[1] Retirement
A Consultation Paper that offers suggestions to Diocesan Directors of Continuing Education for Clergy on education for and during retirement. It briefly discusses Basic Principles, Practical Preparation for Retirement, Continuing Growth in Relationships, Ongoing Spiritual Growth during Retirement, and Activities/Facilities Available during Retirement.

[2] Newly Ordained
Results of a consultation on continuing education for the newly ordained to accompany priests in this first delicate phase of their priestly ministry and life. It enumerates Personal Issues, Pastoral Needs, and Key Decisions that need to be faced.

[3] Spirituality
Results of a joint consultation of diocesan priests and religious men and women that describes the process used, its possible uses at a diocesan or personal level and further suggestions for encouraging and continuing the conversation on priestly spirituality.

[4] First Appointment as Parish Priest
Results of a consultation on the preparation of a priests for his first appointment as a Parish Priest. It discusses key factors to be considered first in his Human and Spiritual Needs and then in his Intellectual and Pastoral Needs.

[5] Sabbaticals for Priests
A paper prepared by the Commission including a brief outline of the meaning of Sabbaticals, their foundation in Pastores Dabo Vobis, and issues that need to be considered in preparing a written diocesan policy on Sabbaticals for Priests.

[6] Priests and Midlife
This package of papers with introductory readings and a brief bibliography looks at some of the challenges for priests in midlife. It can provide a good basis for fruitful discussion among priests as well as stimulating thoughts for prayerful reflection on one's own.

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