Why exercise is vital to our health and well- being:-


My main reason to exercise each day is it makes me feel good, that is, once it's over!
However, there is a huge list of the benefits of exercise:-
• Helps control high blood pressure
• Improves heart and lung function
• Decreases body fat
• Reduces total cholesterol and bad cholesterol(LDL)
• Helps increase good cholesterol(HDL)
• Increases our bone density , controlling risk of osteoporosis and the chance of bone injury
• Helps us to cope with stress and depression
• Improves our range of movement, keeping us more flexible and able to maintain our independence
• Helps with Diabetes control and can prevent or delay the onset of Type2 Diabetes
• Helps us relax and allows us to escape , to have time out

Everyone is different, and it is important to consider all aspects, when planning your activity levels. What matters is that you are all honest with yourselves, and plan carefully, consult your doctor, if necessary. Choose an activity you enjoy, and invite someone to join you. I know that I don't miss swimming the mornings I arrange to meet my friend there. Think about joining a gym or a local walking group, or just team up with a neighbor or friend. Park the car at the edge of the shopping centre car park, and walk an extra 200 metres. Choose the stairs instead of the lift, but exercise when the temperature is kind, avoiding the heat of the day and windy conditions. When you are unwell, give yourself permission to rest up, and skip the exercise. When you do exercise, drink plenty of water and exercise before meals or wait at least an hour after a meal.

Lyn Fields - Clergy Healthcare Coordinator

  • Created: 22 July 2010
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