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Plans and Suggestions by Diocesan Directors: The Year for Priests:


  • Letter of support for priests from Bishops to the lay faithful
  • Personal letters to priests acknowledging and appreciating their zeal and fidelity
  • Parish celebrating the anniversary of its priest
  • Celebrating the priest during the August vocation appeal
  • Remembering deceased priest during November Holy Souls; solemn Vespers celebration
  • Meals in parishes celebrating the vocation of priesthood
  • Affirming priests by: a prayer envelope for individual priests; during assemblies; at general gatherings; drawing up a profile of the priest
  • Sharing the stories of individual priests: priests initiating this; others initiating it; having them published in books, on websites
  • Priests being invited to return to parishes that nurtured their vocation
  • Keeping a balanced view of the person of the priest
  • Engage priests in discussing their spirituality (see D Ranson’s book on the topic)
  • Have a John Vianney Day: priests to come together for Mass and social gathering
  • Have a ‘Return to Springwood' (or other Seminary) day
  • Mass at Cathedral followed by meal served by representatives of diocesan community
  • Shared meal likewise, at deanery and at parish levels
  • Special in-service days in the diocese, focus on spirituality, the Paschal Paradox (D Ranson's book)
  • Make the nature of priesthood the focus of annual clergy conference or plenary
  • Conduct a pilgrimage to Ars in 2010 (Townsville)
  • Icon of John Vianney travelling through New Zealand to focus the issue
  • Banners depicting the Year for Priest to be sent to each parish
  • Priests contributing to a booklet on the heart of priesthood
  • Diocesan news papers to feature priests in each edition throughout the year
  • Bishop to take priests away for two weeks for R & R, spiritual / pastoral development
  • Invite laity to make suggestions as to how to celebrate the Year
  • Invite Bishop Costello to speak on priesthood
  • Celebrate with the Pope 19 June 2010; or go on pilgrimage to Ars
  • Guest speakers at Seminary throughout Year to which all priests are invited


  • Created: 29 July 2009
  • Modified: 29 July 2009