Information Bulletin 91

October 2009

This information bulletin is also available as a PDF: 200910.pdf [193.58Kb]

Dear Brothers in Ministry,

Of the thirty or so Directors of Clergy Life and Ministry in Dioceses across Australia, there are three (3) who are not wired up to use modern communication methods such as email services and the world-wide-web. That number-percentage-wise 10%, probably represents a reasonable estimate of the number of priest across Australia who haven't bothered hooking up to those services either and ask their parish secretaries "to do all that". It's not everything, I guess, but ...

Quite some years ago, Clergy Life and Ministry developed a website that has been available to priests in Australia, also to priests anywhere in the world who can access it. It was a website for its time, but has been in need of an update. That has now been done. Like all websites, it's hard to know where to start in describing all that it provides. The best bet is for you to go to the website itself

The Homepage offers access to a wide variety of information. Click anywhere on it! It includes a list of those "Gone to God", hopefully as soon as they go! (The Swag provides more detailed information when it goes to press). It provides access to Cathnews; the Divine Office, to homily sites, Year for Priests sites, to sabbatical locations, all diocesan and key ecclesiastical websites, our universities and publications, and a lot more. It was designed by Fr Richard Healey from the Wollongong Diocese. We thank him sincerely for his very talented efforts and generous time. Go, look!

With personal best wishes,

Frank Devoy

Make sure you visit the list of website links and the Sabbaticals information
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