Guidelines for the Permanent Diaconate

Norms For The Formation Of Permanent Deacons And Guidelines For The Mi Nistry And Life Of Permanent Deacons

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 2016


Considering the increasing number of permanent deacons present in an increasing number of nations, the Congregation for Catholic Education considered it opportune to promulgate the document Ratio fundamentalis institutionis diaconorum permanentium, in order to provide a greater unity in their formation, so that they may more effectively meet the challenges facing Christians in the third millennium. This document not only sought to offer certain guidelines for the formation of permanent deacons, but also some general principles, which Episcopal Conferences should take into consideration when preparing their Ratio nationalis, in accordance with can. 236. In a similar way, this Congregation for the Clergy, for the purpose of establishing juridical norms for the ministry, spirituality and ongoing formation of permanent deacons promulgated the Directorium pro ministerio et vita diaconorum permanentium.

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  • Created: 08 December 2016
  • Modified: 29 June 2020