The Director (National)

Fr Greg Bourke is Director of the Office for Clergy Life and Ministry and Secretary of the Council.

Director - national

Fr Greg Bourke

Fr Bourke was born in 1955 and grew up in Melbourne. He studied at Corpus Christi Seminary and Catholic Theological College and was ordained in 1981.

Role Description

Director of the Office for Clergy Life and Ministry

A full-time executive appointed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC), accountable to the Conference through the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry:
(a) to provide impetus, vision and ideas to the Council and be attuned to its advice
(b) to implement policies decided by the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry to support the ongoing education of all bishops, priests and deacons in Australia
(c) to promote support for Bishops and the Diocesan Directors they appoint in their fundamental role for ongoing education and formation
(d) to coordinate a movement with national vision, yet focused on each diocese and on the needs of individual clergy at the various stages of ministry and life.

(a) Liaise with Bishops.
(b) Support Diocesan Directors and their teams in creating a national network from which they can draw inspiration, and convene national and regional meetings in collaboration with them.
(c) Travel throughout Australia to hear what clergy are saying, and also discern suitable programs and activities and offer other resources.
(d) Circulate bulletins that inform all clergy of continuing education and encourage them towards a personal responsibility for it.
(e) Manage effectively and efficiently the Office for Clergy Life and Ministry.

(a) Present a report to meetings of the Council.
(b) Submit reports as required to the ACBC through the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry.
(c) Consult the Chairman of the Council whenever appropriate.

A review of performance be conducted every three-year term, at least six months before its completion, by a process involving Council members, Diocesan Directors and Bishops.

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