Cyril Hally SSC - Melbourne

18th May, 2010

Father Cyril Hally, a Columban priest, died at Mercy Place, Parkville on Tuesday, 18th May.

Born in New Zealand in 1920, Cyril entered the St Columban Missionary Society seminary in Melbourne. After ordination, was a chaplain to Asian students in New Zealand and later studied Canon Law in Rome. In 1951, he was sent to Japan briefly but was recalled to the staff of the Columban seminary in Sydney.

He studied linguistics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC in 1963 and then worked on the staff of St Columban's seminary at Dalgan Park, Ireland. In 1966 Cyril was appointed to a church 'think tank' in Brussels, 'Pro Mundi Vitae'; in 1971 he was appointed to the Australian/New Zealand Region; and in 1972 was made First Secretary to the National Catholic Missionary Council, Sydney, set up by the Australian bishops.

In 1979 he moved to St Columban's seminary at North Turramurra and became a member of the seminary staff. He was Director of the Pacific Mission Institute for many. Fr Cyril had lectured in missiology, missionary anthropology, mission history and later peace and ecology.

In 2006 he transferred from Sydney to Essendon in Victoria. He died on Tuesday morning. Though he never became a missionary in China, he helped prepare missionaries who now work in many parts of the world to read what Pope John XXIII called 'the signs of the times'.

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