Members of the Council

The Council is an advisory body to the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry and consists of thirteen persons: two bishops, five priest directors, three lay persons, two religious (one a priest) and a deacon.

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Nominations to membership of the Council are by peers and all appointments are by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for a period of three years. All members of the Council are appointed for their expertise (not as representatives) though each reflects a particular background.

Bishops representing the Commission for Church Ministry of the ACBC

  • Bishop Michael McCarthy (Diocese of Rockhampton, QLD)
  • Bishop Patrick O’Regan (Diocese of Sale, VIC)

Priests nominated by Directors of each of the five Provinces of the Australian Catholic Church:

  • Vacant
  • Fr Brian Mathews (Diocese of Port Pirie) SA/NT
  • Fr Brian Mascord (Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle) NSW/ACT/Military
  • Fr Vinh Dong (Archdiocese of Perth) WA
  • Fr Mick Taylor (Diocese of Townsville) QLD

Deacon nominated by the Council and/or Directors

  • Deacon Russ Nelson (Archdiocese of Brisbane)

Lay Members nominated by the Council and/or Directors

  • Mrs Kimberley Davis (Archdiocese of Brisbane)
  • Mrs Bernadette Mills (Archdiocese of Melbourne)
  • Mr Carey McIver (Archdiocese of Hobart)

Religious nominated the CRA (Catholic Religious Australia) and/or Council

  • Fr Paul Cashen msc (Archdiocese of Adelaide) - CHAIR
  • Sr Kerin Caldwell sgs (Archdiocese of Melbourne)

Ex Officio

  • Fr Greg Bourke, Council Secretary (Director, Office for Clergy Life and Ministry)
  • Deacon Tony Aspinall (Coordinator of the Permanent Diaconate)
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