The focus for the Council is the spirituality and mission of clergy. We see all clergy as disciples of Jesus, ordained into relationships modeling the 'communio' of the Trinity, under the love and guidance of the Spirit. It is in this light that the Council wishes to exercise leadership with compassion, to address the issues of ambiguity and change, and do this by:

1. Being particularly attentive to the following areas:

  • Recognizing the grace-filled nature in the ministry and lives of bishops, priests and deacons
  • Acknowledging in others their profound dignity and ministering to them without compromising the sacredness of their lives
  • Living and ministering collaboratively always with mutuality and inclusivity
  • Scrutinising the signs of the times in order to recognize the compelling place of the Gospel in shaping the culture.
  • Listening to prophetic voices and responding to them with integrity.
  • Adopting an attitude of "co-responsibility" (ie using language like ‘our parish/our diocese')

2. Utilising the following strategies:

  • To continue to support the local Diocesan Directors and the national Director
  • To promote forums on ordained ministry
  • To encourage prayer and fraternity support groups
  • To promote ‘home grown' in-services in dioceses
  • To promote ongoing formation and supervision for clergy
  • To develop lists of people for retreats and inservice programs
  • To support the ongoing development of the permanent diaconate in Australia
  • To support priests from overseas in their pastoral ministry by promoting programs of acculturation, and ongoing mentoring of their ministry, within the Australian presbyterate.

3. Seeking the following outcomes among others:

  • Celebrating Christian hope in the face of unpredictable difficulties
  • Imagining a new and creative Church, giving rise to an energetic episcopate, priesthood, and diaconate
  • Achieving a strong presbyterate with high levels of spiritual and physical  health, and with high morale among the clergy
  • Challenging an excessive and unhealthy 'clerical', 'triumphal', and 'juridical' attitude among clergy
  • Ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

November 2013

  • Created: 20 August 2008
  • Modified: 05 March 2015