Current Issues

  1. "The Year for Priests" announced by Pope Benedict XVI, to extend from 19th June 2009 - 19th June 2010, to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the death of the Cure of Ars, John Mary Vianney.
  2. Acculturation Review: Reviewing the effectiveness of provincial acculturation programmes: welcoming, integrating, and enabling overseas priests to become an integral part of the Australian culture and Church, ensuring a mutual exchange of gifts among all members of the diocese;
  3. Repatriation: Ensuring the dignified repatriation process for priests returning to their home dioceses overseas, whether successfully completing their ministry in Australia or desiring otherwise;
  4. Disability: Ensuring care for disabled clergy in collaboration with the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life;
  5. Provincial Assemblies: Examining the possibility of provincial assemblies of clergy by way of care support over the next few years.
  • Created: 21 April 2009
  • Modified: 03 June 2009